Welcome to Kajukenbo-Ge Shou Dao in Federal Way, WA

Kajukenbo PatchThank you for your interest in the self-defense classes
at our Community Center in Federal Way, WA.

We want to make sure you find the classes
that suit YOUR needs,  not ours.

Although we offer instruction in personal defense, ours is not a family center that teaches health and respect to all ages; nor a school that teaches an ancient art held pure over the past century that will allow you to achieve serenity in your daily life. Neither are we developing competition sport techniques for trophy accumulation, nor even a great cardio workout to the latest tunes. 

What we teach is all street defense related to today’s evolving criminal intentions.
It’s not pretty; it’s not nice, and mostly brutal.

We find in stress situations fancy moves are too complicated to remember effectively.
Our techniques are geared for any body type and skill level.

If you are interested in quickly learning and practicing practical defense and awareness for today’s real life situations – defense against knives / clubs / guns / pepper spray, multiple attackers, home invasion, car jacking, rape, down to aggressive street panhandlers – we have proven solutions.

Our head instructor is a Master Instructor for the King County Corrections and 8th degree black belt and has daily contact with the nastiest of criminals. He knows and teaches law enforcement personnel what works, what doesn’t and how the criminal mind plans attacks. We have frequent updates on the latest techniques criminals are using and develop strategies for defense.

Although based on a formal martial arts system (Kajukenbo) our instruction is forward thinking and constantly evolving to current defense needs.  We are based in Federal Way, WA and provide martial arts instruction for those that feel a need for personal defense.

If still interested / questions, contact: Brooklake Community Center / KSDI    (see CONTACT)